When protecting the value and usability of your property from water damage your goal is to capture excess water, move it away from your home and then disperse or store it in a safe manner. If you do not immediately address water drainage issues you expose yourself to property damage, reduced functionality of your yard, health issues and “surprise” repair costs late

drainingproperty_retouchedFailure to correctly fix a drainage problem now will cost you more later. Ignoring a drainage problem can quickly result in major repair costs and loss in property value. A homeowner seeking to re-mediate just one of the property damage issues below could easily spend 2 to 5 times more than the cost of solving the drainage problem in the first place.

basin2A drainage problem is a serious problem that requires the right solution. Landscape Concepts solutions are easy to install and provide the most effective means to address your specific drainage problem. We believe you need to do the job right the first time. We use professional products to quickly, easily and permanently solve drainage problems.
We offer a complete line of catch basins and grates for residential and commercial drainage management solutions. Our catch basins have a sump area that collect debris and prevent clogging of the pipeline, and grates are available in a variety of colors to blend in with surrounding surfaces. Depending on the size of the round, square, or atrium grates, they may fit directly into a riser of pipe, sewer and drain fitting, or our catch basins.

drain_problem2drain_problem1Atrium grates are ideal for areas with no traffic where debris like mulch and leaves might clog a flat grate.  Atrium Grates are used in landscape areas, planter beds, window wells, or where debris like mulch and leaves might clog a flat grate.

  • Available in green, gray, black, or sand HDPE
  • Available in 4″, 6″, 9″ 12″ 18″ and 24″

An atrium grate is shaped like a bell or an inverted bowl that sits on top of the drain and extends above ground level. If debris collects around the base of the grate, water can flow over the top of the debris and still pass through the grate and into the drain.