Channel Drain Solutions

Trench and Channel Drains

Most hardscapes experience more runoff than landscapes due to the lack of water absorption. We install NDS Trench Drain and Channel Drain systems. These systems are an effective and popular solution when perimeter drains are needed for hardscaped areas. Common applications include pools, spas, patios, tennis courts, and athletic fields. Allow Landscape Concepts to plan and determine which system best fits the specific needs of your project.

Micro Channel provides excellent performance at the lowest possible cost, for areas that do not require a large amount of water to be drained.

  • Channel 1 ¼” wide
  • Applications: Residential

Our Mini Channel offers a greater surface area than the micro, with brass and a range of colored plastic grates available.

  • Channel 2 ¾” wide
  • Applications: Residential, Non-residential

Spee-D Channel systems are lightweight and easy to install, with a greater surface area for drainage than the micro and mini channels.

  • Channel 4 1/8″ wide
  • Applications: Residential, Non-residential

Our Pro Series is a lightweight channel drain system with interlocking joints and a modular design, so systems are flexible and connections are made quickly and easily.

  • Load Rated: Up to Class C with appropriate grate.
  • Applications: Residential, Non-residential

The Dura Slope trench drain system consists of lightweight, modular sections for easier handling and installation and reduced freight to the site. A built-in slope of 0.7% allows optimal flow rates to be maintained systemwide; neutral sections are also available.

  • Load Rated: Up to Class D with appropriate grate.
  • Applications: Non-residential