water_managementGeorgia landscapes have special water needs due to our unique climate and soil conditions, which vary greatly from area to area. Our experience and love of Georgia ensures you are getting the best service that is ideally suited to your property. Your Central Georgia irrigation experts can be found here at Landscape Concepts, LLC.

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Sprinkler System Design by Landscape Concepts

Designing the ideal sprinkler system requires experience in both the landscape industry as well as the irrigation industry. We have an abundance of experience in both.

We designate zones for sprinkler systems that give the best performance and coverage. We carefully analyze several criteria, which include:

  • Type of plants and sod growing in the area
  • Soil and terrain
  • Amount of sun or shade
  • Water pressure (PSI) on the property
  • Available water flow (in gallons per minute)
  • Ideal layout for “head to head coverage”

If you have dry spots and have to sneak in a third or fourth watering day each week outside of the allowed watering days, you probably have an inefficient system.

When true “head-to-head” coverage exists and timers are set appropriately, two days of watering per week should suffice, even on the hottest of weeks.

Landscape Concepts knows that any weakness in your irrigation system can lead to trouble.

Sprinkler Repair

Getting the beautiful Georgia lawn you want is easy if you follow some very important steps. The most obvious step is to make sure you are watering your lawn on a regular basis. Of course, regular use of a sprinkler system leads to wear and tear.

Irrigation needs constant maintenance and monitoring to ensure you’re not replacing your sod every summer or wasting money on water that is leaking from valves and heads.